Giving Refuge

America has been polarized by the debate about whether or not our federal government should authorize resettling 10,000 Muslims who have been displaced by war in their home countries of Syria and Iraq. President Obama has publicly called Americans bigots and cowards if they speak out against allowing refugees to resettle in America. He claims that’s not who we are…

The ISIS terrorist organization has stated that they will take advantage of the refugee situation to gain admittance to the United States. Already, several have been apprehended in Honduras using fraudulent passports. It is highly unlikely that Honduras was their ultimate destination given that they consider the U.S. enemy #1 and that thousands have immigrated illegally from Honduras to the U.S.

There are currently 4 million refugees registered in the U.N. camps in countries bordering Syria and Iraq. There are an estimated 6-8 million more who are living outside the camps, bringing the total refugee population to 10-12 million. Think about that. The 10,000 that President Obama wants to allow to resettle in the U.S. represent only 1% of that total. Not enough to have a significant impact in the refugee problem, so it is mostly symbolic. To date, the U.S. government has provided $4.5 BILLION in aid. The estimated costs of resettling 10,000 people is $643.7 MILLION for each of the first five years . So taking care of the 1% that get to become Americans will cost approximately $321,850 per person. Comparatively, helping refugees settle in countries neighboring Syria costs 1/12 as much. Which means that instead of helping 10,000, we could help 120,000 (

Then there’s that rights thing. Once these people are in America, they are granted the same rights as any other resident. So what happens if TEN of the 10,000 believe in a radical Islamic ideology, and are committed to killing “infidels” (anyone who does not follow Islam)? It is impossible to know what they believe, regardless of how thorough the background check. Moreover, they cannot be arrested, detained, convicted, imprisoned, or deported for their beliefs or thoughts. We’d have to wait until they have actually committed a crime, most likely one resulting in DEAD Americans.

Some people with microphones are saying let’s allow the women and children, the families, the Christians. Yeah, that’ll work. Because no mother or father would ever strap an explosive device on their own child and detonate them in a classroom full of American children. And no one would lie when asked about their beliefs. Consider that to the radical Islamic terrorists, there is no greater deed than suicide while killing infidels.

So what happens after Americans die in a school, a mall, a restaurant, a theater, or even a hospital ER waiting room? I’ve long suspected that President Obama & Company believe that America can only atone for prosperity by becoming a third world country. Closing our empty schools, malls, restaurants, and theaters would certainly be a start. Perhaps a drive-by shooting of people waiting in line to vote. We’d all think twice about going to the polling places.

All of those events seem unfathomable, but they’re not. I’m not xenophobic. I’m not mean-spirited or selfish. I am proud to live in America where we’ll gladly borrow money to provide aid to those with greater need. But we have tens of thousands of homeless Americans who will never be treated as well as the refugees in the U.N. camps. We have to be mindful of the danger to our citizens and residents if even ONE terrorist slips in with the 10,000. And that should be President Obama’s first priority as well.


The First Post

It’s been a sleepless night. My brain won’t shut down. A week ago, the city of Paris was besieged by radical Islamic terrorists. They didn’t bomb or spray gunfire in a single, populated place. They chose six average targets where people go to socialize, watch a sporting event or concert, or just shop. Meanwhile, America is polarized in a debate over whether or not to allow Muslim refugees to be resettled in our country.

Elsewhere in current events, America is a year away from a presidential election that I’m not sure will actually happen (I’ll be writing about that later); college campuses have become group think prisons where students expect to be “safe” from having their world views challenged; and issues such as taxation, income inequality and joblessness, and campaign finance all compel me to write my thoughts in a space separate from personal and business matters.

Stay tuned. It just might get interesting around here. I welcome comments, but will be moderating those. Some of my opinions aren’t popular, even if my conclusions are valid.